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International researchers across the Energy Technologies Area at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) perform game-changing research on energy use and clean energy strategies through extensive analysis, model and tool development. We deploy our findings across a wide variety of sectors in emerging and developed economies, and link U.S. industry with key global opportunities.

The Net Zero World Action Center will support design and implementation of integrated energy system measures that help transition to net zero energy systems across sectors. (Credit: iStock/Galeanu Mihai)

Berkeley Lab to Provide Leadership in Net Zero World Action Center

International Energy Analysis researchers at Berkeley Lab will play key roles in the newly established Net Zero World Action Center, which will support the design and implementation of strategies to accelerate global energy decarbonization. 

Learn more about the Net Zero World Action Center and the expertise provided by Mary Ann Piette, Nan Zhou, Carolyn Szum, Reshma Singh, and Stephane de la Rue de Can


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