Emerging Economies Program

Emerging Economies Program

The Emerging Economies Program envisions a world where the needs of the populations in the emerging economies are met fully, affordably, equitably and in harmony with the planet. Building on our successful global experiences, collaboration and institutional capabilities, we work with in-country partners in emerging economies around the world to strengthen existing capacities and develop collaborative and scalable solutions.

Our WorkCity Skyline

We leverage the historical strengths of our decades-long research programs in China and India as well as Berkeley Lab’s world-class research to target research and technical assistance for emerging economies in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency and decarbonization (buildings, industry and appliances)
  • Renewable energy grid integration
  • Short-lived climate pollutant mitigation
  • Electric transportation
  • Integrated modeling, scenario, and techno-economic analysis to inform policy prioritization

We leverage the Bay Area innovation ecosystem, University of California and Berkeley Lab’s educational, research and scientific capabilities to have real world impact by providing policy and technology solutions to serve the needs of emerging economies. For example, our researchers work with FLEXLAB®, NERSC and Berkeley Lab’s energy efficiency test chambers for air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment to conduct cutting edge research on topics relevant to emerging economies.

We have conducted a wide range of research and technical assistance projects in multiple countries, and are continuously expanding research and collaboration in additional emerging economies in different regions.

Focus Areas


In the Asia-Pacific region, the Emerging Economies Program focuses on energy transition related research to support the more efficient use of and adoption of a cleaner supply of energy. Recognizing each economy’s unique conditions and growth trajectory, we conduct research on the most effective technologies and policies to advance the clean energy transition while supporting economic progress and environmental health. We have worked collaboratively with policymakers in the region to develop national energy efficiency goals and to assess the cost and benefits of high efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Latin America

In Latin America, the Emerging Economies Program focuses on strengthening and expanding energy efficiency and clean energy policies and programs through joint techno-economic analysis and capacity building. In Mexico, the Mexico Energy Initiative seeks to foster increased high impact, collaborative clean energy research between the US and Mexico that will benefit Mexico, California, the US, and the world. We have advised and supported the development, design, and impact evaluation of equipment efficiency and clean energy policies and programs throughout Latin America.


In Africa, the Emerging Economies Program focuses on energy access for underserved populations. We conduct research on superefficient off-grid appliances, mini and microgrid projects and enabling productive use of renewable energy. We have provided analytical support and technical assistance to national efficiency roadmaps and programs and renewable development planning to key economies in the region.