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About Us

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The Energy Technologies Area at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is home to world-renowned scientists working across borders to develop a strong clean energy future for us all. Our international researchers specialize in wide-reaching, impactful science spanning a range of topics  — from buildings and batteries, to indoor air quality, the electricity grid, energy storage, transportation, deep analysis of energy and environmental impacts and much, much more. Our work positively affects the lives of everyday people and communities around the world. We deploy our findings across a wide variety of sectors in emerging and developed economies, and link U.S. industry with key global opportunities.

User Facilities 

Berkeley Lab’s User Facilities provide state-of-the-art resources for scientists across the nation and around the world. About 10,000 researchers a year use these facilities, representing nearly one third of the total for all Department of Energy Office of Science User Facilities.

Advanced Light Source

Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source (ALS) is an electron accelerator/storage ring that serves as one of the world’s premier sources of X-ray and ultraviolet light for scientific research ranging from advanced materials to protein crystallography and 3D biological imaging. 

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FLEXLAB® is the first testbed in the world that can evaluate the energy efficiency of major integrated building systems under real-world conditions. Users can test models with real systems, and collect highly accurate, validated performance data for use in building design, utility customer incentive programs, new technology development, and operations software development.

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Molecular Foundry

Through unparalleled access to state-of-the-art instruments, materials, technical expertise and training, the Foundry provides researchers with the tools to enhance the development and understanding of the synthesis, characterization and theory of nanoscale materials.

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A scientist or staff member must sponsor your visit to Berkeley Lab. For more information, including how to get here, building access, gate information and more, please visit: ps.lbl.gov/site-access/

For directions to Berkeley Lab, visit: lbl.gov/Workplace/Transportation.html


Energy Technologies Area
1 Cyclotron Road, MS 90R4000
Berkeley, CA 94720


Senior Administrator

For additional information, please contact Sammi Leung. 

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