Energy Efficiency in India — Web Resources from the Environmental Energy Technologies Division

July 28th 2011

EETD scientists conduct research to analyze energy use in India, evaluate energy efficiency opportunities in its economy, and develop road maps to promote lower-carbon-emitting, sustainable economic development. They also work with their Indian colleagues on joint research, and provide technical consulting in a variety of areas such as energy-efficient building design and operation.

Here are a few resources for further information.

Berkeley-India Joint Leadership on Energy and the Environment (BIJLEE)

The Berkeley-India Joint Leadership on Energy and the Environment is a partnership between the University of California, Berkeley, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the government, private sector and educational institutions of the United States and India to assist both countries adopt pathways and approaches for reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases while pursuing sustainable economic development. BIJLEE brings together researchers to develop energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies, and policy mechanisms to transfer these technologies to the marketplace with the goal of combating climate change while promoting clean energy and economic growth.

  • Berkeley-India Joint Leadership on Energy and the Environment (BIJLEE)

EETD's International Energy Studies Group Activities in India

The staff of EETD's International Energy Studies Group engages with the government of, and NGO partners in India on a range of energy efficiency, climate change mitigation, and other environmental and sustainable development projects.

Recent publications from EETD address high-level energy policy issues, as well as specific sectors of India's economy, forestry's potential to mitigate carbon emissions, and technologies for more energy-efficient economic development.

Some useful recent titles:

Recent News About EETD's Work with India