MEI Hosts Workshop; Berkeley Lab Cited in Energy Efficiency Article

November 6, 2019

Energy Efficiency Workshop: On October 1, 2019, Berkeley Lab’s Mexico Energy Initiative (MEI) hosted and organized a workshop at Casa de la Universidad de California en Mexico. The workshop, “The Importance of Data on Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Mexico”, was held in coordination with the National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energy (INEEL) as part of the “Energy Observatory” project between INEEL and Berkeley Lab. The project was funded by the CONACYT-SENER Energy Sustainability Fund as part of the RFP “Collaboration Projects on Energy Efficiency: Cooperation with the University of California”. The Energy Observatory Project attempts to establish a system for the periodic collection of information necessary for the evaluation of the technical, economic, and environmental impacts of buildings energy efficiency programs in Mexico. The objective of the workshop was to identify the particular data needs on energy consumption in buildings in Mexico, establish a reference of current and potential sources of information, and map out the first actions of a coordinated strategy for gathering and integration of this data in the platform that INEEL is developing as part of the Energy Observatory project.

Representatives from Mexico’s federal government, agencies of the Mexico City government, international cooperation organizations, industry associations, and NGOs participated in the workshop and provided a multisectoral perspective on barriers and opportunities in obtaining energy consumption data in different types of buildings across different regions of the country.


Berkeley Lab cited in Article on Energy Efficiency Standards: As part of the activities developed under the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP) in Mexico, the non-governmental organization Iniciativa Climatica de Mexico (Mexico’s Climate Initiative-ICM) recently published an article in the influential magazine “Energía a Debate” to underscore the need to develop a NOM (Mexico Energy Efficiency Standard) for air conditioners used in the commercial sector.   

The article, “A Norm for Commercial Air Conditioners,” by ICM provides an overview of the energy efficiency standards in place in Mexico for different types of air conditioners used in the domestic sector and points to the need to develop regulations for commercial AC’s, which are prevalent in office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, and malls, among other facilities. According to estimates by Berkeley Lab cited on the article, annual energy savings of 4TWh could be achieved if Mexico applies similar regulations to the ones in effect in the U.S. for this product, in addition to the significant subsidy and emissions reductions generated by those savings.

Berkeley Lab’s MEI and ICM are collaborating under the K-CEP framework in Mexico to support national and corporate energy efficiency cooling policies, standards, and programs.  

You may read the ICM article (in Spanish) here.


Alberto Diaz-Gonzalez