Alternative and Emerging Technologies for an Energy-Efficient, Water-Efficient, and Low-Pollution Textile Industry

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Emerging energy-efficiency, greenhouse gas (GHG), and pollution mitigation technologies will be crucial for the textile industry as it responds to population and economic growth that is expected to spur a rapid increase in textile consumption over the coming decades and a corresponding increase in the industry’s absolute energy use and GHG and other pollutant emissions. This report gives an overview of textile industry processes and compiles available information on the energy savings, environmental and other benefits, costs, commercialization status, and references for 18 emerging technologies to reduce the industry’s energy use and environmental emissions. Although studies from around the world identify a variety of sector-specific and cross-cutting energy-efficiency technologies that have already been commercialized for the textile industry, information is scarce and/or scattered regarding emerging or advanced energy-efficiency and low-carbon technologies that are not yet commercialized or at the very early stage of adoption. This report is intended to be a resource on these emerging technologies for engineers, researchers, investors, textile manufacturers, policy makers, and other interested parties.

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