Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, Volume 4: Decision XXX/3 Task Force Report on Cost and Availability of Low-GWP Technologies/Equipment that Maintain/Enhance Energy Efficiency (Advance Copy)

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The Energy Efficiency Task Force has made an assessment of the availability and costs of technologies and equipment that enhance energy efficiency during HFC phase-down, focusing on air conditioners (AC) and commercial refrigeration (CR). The technology to enhance energy efficiency (EE) using different types of refrigerants is available to varying degrees in the different regions of the world. Research and development (R&D), is ongoing, both for refrigerants and for the new technologies that use these refrigerants in an efficient way. Costs and market incentives are important factors in the availability of energy efficient technologies. Countries which utilize market incentives to drive up the energy efficiency of AC and CR in parallel with HFC phasedown will benefit economically and environmentally. Part of the transition to lower-GWP technologies and equipment has already happened; some markets have been transitioning to higher EE technologies and/or equipment.

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UNEP Report of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel

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United Nations Environment Programme


Nairobi, Kenya

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