Indonesian Government Delegations

March 21, 2018

Indonesian Members of Parliament at Berkeley Lab

Berkeley Lab's International Energy Studies group recently hosted a delegation from the Indonesian Government to discuss energy efficiency and clean energy issues. The delegation was led by Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs (CMMA) Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Ridwan Djamaluddin. Berkeley Lab researchers identified 10 GW of peak load savings from energy efficiency, and presented the potential impacts of an accelerated Air Conditioner trajectory. As requested by the Government of Indonesia, Berkeley Lab researchers also discussed new collaborations on power sector, low carbon pathways, geothermal, and waste-to-energy technologies. Representatives from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Indonesian consulate, and philanthropic foundations joined the March 12, 2018 meetings.

Indonesian Members of Parliament at Berkeley Lab

Berkeley Lab researchers also met with a delegation led by Commission VII from the Indonesian Parliament, including representatives from the Indonesia national utility and private energy sector to present key trends in clean energy technology and research on power sector. The parliamentarians are in the process of formulating a bill on renewable energy and delegation participants were very interested in success stories from China and India. This meeting was also attended by CMMA and DOE.


Virginie Letschert