Accelerating the Global Adoption of Climate-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Refrigerators

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In 2015, in developing countries and emerging economies, residential refrigerators accounted for approximately 10 per cent of global electricity consumption in households. In those countries the number of refrigerators in use is expected to double to just under two billion in the next 15 years. In developing countries a market transformation to climate-friendly and energy-efficient household refrigerators can attain energy savings of more than 60 per cent.
This guide is published as part of U4E and focuses on residential refrigerators. It guides policymakers on how to promote energy-efficient refrigerators in their respective national markets. It is based on the Integrated Policy Approach, which has been used around the world to bring about sustainable and cost-effective market transformation.

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U4E Policy Guide Series

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UN Environment, (U4E) Economy Division Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch


Paris, France


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