Key China Energy Statistics 2014

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2012 Highlights

  • China accounted for 20% of global energy consumption.
  • Energy grew 51% percent as fast as GDP.
  • China accounted for more than 20% of global energy-related CO2 emissions.
  • China’s per capita CO2 emissions were 6 tonnes/person,
  • 32% percent above the world average but 65% below that of the United States.
  • China accounted for a staggering 47 percent of total world coal consumption.
  • In contrast, oil consumption was 11 percent of world demand and natural gas, 4 percent.
  • Since 2000, natural gas consumption grew at a rate of 15 percent per year.
  • China’s Western region continues to be the dominant source of increased production of oil and natural gas.
  • China built 88 GW of power plants, of which about 60 percent were coal-based. To date, about 35% of all global coal-fired ;power generation capacity has been built in China.
  • China built 14.6 GW of wind power, accounting for about 32% percent of world capacity additions.
  • China installed 1.1 GW of solar power, 4% percent of world capacity additions.
  • Imports of natural gas jumped 40% to 63 billion cubic meters (including a 50% increase in pipeline gas from Central Asia), crude oil imports rose 7% to 5.4 million barrels/day, and coal imports rose 29% to 234 million tonnes.

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