A Low Carbon Development Guide for Local Government Actions in China

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Local level actions are crucial for achieving energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Yet it can be challenging to implement new policies and actions due to a lack of information,funding, and capacity at the local level—especially in developing countries such as China. Even though the Chinese government has set national energy and carbon intensity reduction targets, most local governments do not have sufficient knowledge regarding actions to achieve the targets, effectiveness and cost of policies, or how to design and implement a low carbon development plan.

This article presents information for local governments on how to create an action plan to tackle climate change and increase energy efficiency. The research examines indicators that can be used to define low carbon development and to evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken. The guidance provides a step-by-step description of how action plans can be established and essential elements to be included—from preparing a GHG emission inventory to implementation of the plan. It also provides a menu of policies and best practices found internationally and in China to encourage low carbon development in industry,buildings, transportation, power, agriculture and forestry.

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